Location: Eiffel Tower | Palais-Royal | Cafe Kitsune

Starring: Lidiya & Vitaly

This lovestory proves the importance of having good friends and reading Russian classics.

A friend of Lidiya insisted on double date to introduce her to Vitaly. They had a wonderful time at a sushi restaurant, and Lidiya thought during the dinner: "finally guy who has read and can discuss the Russian classics like Tolstoy, we have a lot of interesting things in common."

Dinner was over, they said their good byes and Vitaly texted Lidiya same evening and asked to go on the real date just the two of them. Two days later they went on a date starting at an ice skating rink, which really helped "break the ice" ;)

Vitaly totally won Lidiya's heart at their first official date, she already knew she would love to be married to this guy! 

In four months Vitaliy proposed, and they got married. They are living in NYC now, love going on hikes together, travelling and trying new food. In April they are expecting their first baby boy so Lidiya is secretly wishing he will come on their engagement anniversary :) 

All the best to you, guys! It was such a pleasure to see how you care for each other and make each other laugh :)