"New York, New York - So good they named it twice". Today I'm taking you to walk the streets of NY with me. I got amazed by this huge, busy and overwhelming city that breathes in and out endless energy. 

Here are images from High Line Park that was on my must-see list. It's a park, or promenade let's say, that is built on a former freight rail line elevated above the streets. Just like metro line 6 in Paris :)

Next why not fly above East River to Roosevelt Island?  

I wanted to see Little Italy just like in Scorsese movies. What I found was big Chinatown instead. 

Fell in love with stairs and porches!

The mirror that pretends to be a shell and the ship that pretends to live in a city. So keep on pretending. 

Open 24 hours! Amazing! 

Despite the never-ending noise and turmoil that New York is, sometimes you find yourself in quiet and peaceful eye of the storm.