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Tell me a little about yourself. How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?

My name is Louise, I'm 23 years old, I finished medical school and will be a surgery resident next month. I’m an influencer on Instagram, I love fashion and photography. I am half Greek and half French, and my life is divided between these two countries.

How did your career on Instagram start? How did you find your style?

I guess it went the same way as for the majority of us: I just kept posting photos, and many were wondering where I bought this or that skirt and blouse. I began to post more pictures of myself in different outfits, and everything simply happened by itself. 

As for my style, it's hard to say. For me, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing. Some trends do not last long, others are not even worth considering - you need to listen to yourself and do not copy the fashion bloggers left and right. 

This is an ecological issue as well: you can not start your wardrobe anew every season because of the changing fashion. We need to look for something in which we feel beautiful.

Alina Sepp Photography | Louise

Marché d'Aligre

Could you recommend any sources to learn more about ethical fashion - books, films or inspiring channels?

Speaking of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry, there is one documentary that completely changed my perception of this domain: The True Cost on Netflix. This is a shocking material. I watched in early 2017, and since then I've decided not to buy clothes from the mass market brands. The documentary treats the subject from both political and the economical sides... a very interesting one!

In your opinion, what will be the future of the eco-friendly lifestyle, slow fashion, ethical production?

I think - and I hope! - that will be a brilliant one. People truly start to ask themselves more often: why does my shirt cost only five euros, what is its real price, who works in the factory and how much they get paid? We are engaged in self-education, we have more and more means for this, and we are not afraid to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions. I sincerely believe that ethical fashion must be and will be maintained and developed.

Alina Sepp Photography | Louise
Alina Sepp Photography | Louise

What influenced your style? Where do you get inspiration from?

I've loved fashion since I was very young. My mom told me that when I was one and a half, I spent a whole summer in a single dress. I refused to wear anything else - this dress was my favourite. It was a sky-blue polka dot dress… so pretty, I would still be wearing it if it fit me! So I always liked to dress up. My grandmother sewed my clothes. She had a lot of vintage fashion magazines from the fifties, they were so elegant. Otherwise, inspiration is all around me, on Pinterest and among women in the streets of Paris.

Can you name anything specific to get some inspiration boost from?

I’m mostly inspired by women around me, magazines, instagram, movies, art. I find inspiration everywhere, I just absorb everything I see and filter them to keep what feels like me.

Alina Sepp Photography | Louise
Alina Sepp Photography | Louise

You said that you live between Greece and France. How is your life going on between these two countries?

My father is Greek, and my mother is French, I have relatives in both countries, and I am emotionally attached to both two sides of me. I was born in France, then we moved to Greece, my parents live in Greece while my siblings are in France ... life is split in half.

And how does that feel? Does it break you into two parts?

Not at all. I feel wonderful both here and there. Sometimes I got a feeling that I'm neither French nor Greek, but such a spleen is mostly an exception. Of course, wherever I am, Greece or France, the other part of me is missing, but I adore travelling, I move back and forth from Greece to France and back if necessary with no heartbreak. And yet this way of living helped me to become a person free from stereotypes and prejudices.

Alina Sepp Photography | Louise

When you come to Paris from Greece, where do you go first?

I really like wandering the streets of Paris, as soon as I come, I go for a walk. I like public squares and small gardens in summer when you can sunbath on a bench casually. I also enjoy doing vintage shopping in Kilo Shop, Kiliwatch or Episode. On sunny days I adore sitting on any terrace - there are so many of them, it's hard to pick one! And when it's cooler, I go to grab some fresh bread in Pain Pain at Montmartre, have a dinner at Bob's Kitchen or Soul Kitchen, drink some coffee in Fragments or Shakespeare and Co.

Is there anything that helps you to always feel at home wherever you are?

I always feel home if I have my phone, a laptop and ... a toothbrush!

Alina Sepp Photography | Louise


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