… is not enough. On our way to Burgundy region we stopped in Lyon, this city definitely deserves a story to tell. Here are some facts I learned about Lyon in one day.

1. Lyon is …where Auguste and Louis Lumière invented cinematograph.

 2. Lyon is …the hometown of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

3. Lyon is …the Capital of Lights. There is a famous light festival takes place in Lyon in December (I think, exactly right now as I’m writing this).

4. Lyon is …a lovestory between two rivers Rhône and Saône. In French language it's le Rhône (masculine) and la Saône (feminine), and Lyon starts where these rivers kiss. 

5. Lyon is …full of secret creatures called Traboules. They are special passageways through the houses in the old town. You can use them if you are a silk manufacturer and you want to transport your product safely or if you are a runaway in middle ages trying to escape from chasing or if you are a tourist and want to find the shortest way to get from one street to another. 

6. Lyon is …the city of the largest urban park in France - Parc de la Tête d’Or. This is the most beautiful park I have ever seen. First of all, there were dahlias of all kinds, these flowers are so special to me, we had some of those back home in a countryside: they were huge and I was small. In the park we found enormous aloe, predatory flowers, alleys of magnolia, bears, deers, giraffes and pink flamingo and many other fantastic beasts.

See you in spring, Lyon! 

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