Welcome to the city of my favourite movie Only Lovers Left Alive. Couldn't imagine I would be so deeply in love with a vampire movie, but this one drives me crazy, how beautiful it is. And of course the first thing we saw in the city was the wall from the final scene of the movie. I think it was the only spot I asked Michal to take a photo of me :)

We've been to Tangier for 3 days. Here are some things you can do there (apart from sitting next to THE WALL): 

1) To get lost in the streets of old town, it’s fun and very easy to do :) Straight after getting off the ferry a young boy started accompanying us whether we liked it or not, and tried to take us to some sights, saying "Medina! Kasbah! Don’t worry, be happy! No paranoia!" Well, I guess it’s exactly the magic words to make people paranoid!

2) To have breakfast everyday at the rooftop of your Riad hotel, enjoying the view. Riads are the perfect choice to stay, they are beautifully decorated traditional moroccan houses with the inner yard in the middle. 

3) Try to master the art of bargaining at the markets and realise that locals know all psychological selling techniques. 

4) To suffer from extreme heat and to have conquered it with enormous quantity of tasty and very sweet mint tea.

5) To learn the history of Tangier by visiting castle and museum Kasbah with the garden on the top.

6) To eat the most delicious food ever. Seriously, couscous-tajine-pastilla-moroccan salad - you have to try everything!

7) To buy fresh fruits (figs were absolutely amazing!) at the local market.

8) To explore Tangier at night and have a dinner in Dar Lidam, restaurant with the perfect view. 

9) To discover so many little streets, some of them don't even have names. 

10) To look around the corner and be surprised.

In the first version of the script for Only Lovers Left Alive the director, Jim Jarmusch had chosen Rome as the city of Eve (character played by Tilda Swinton), but later he changed his mind: "I like it [Tangier] because it's separated from European culture in a way". 

For the first time I was discovering completely different culture and it definitely was a mind-expanding experience.